Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I also dream in plaid...

Hello again!!! Now I know I named this Robyn dreams in lace, but as you can see from my first post and this one as well. I also have a love affair with plaid. Who doesn't these days? It's definitely one of my favorite patterns for fall.

Now here's a great way to wear a plaid skirt without looking like a school-girl. The graphic tee has just the right tones to really make this look come together and give it that casual girly feel.
Not only do black tights go with everything, they also elongate and slim your legs. And the 30s style hat is the perfect touch to make you look polished. Heels don't hurt either;)

Oh I almost forgot! The back of my sweater has lace:)
  I  heard this song in the grocery store today, it's always been one of my favorites, he wrote it when he was 16:)                                        

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