Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter coats and painted ponies....

  Why hello there! I hope everyone's had a great weekend so far! As we're all slowly transitioning from winter into spring so are clothing stores! If you're looking to get a new winter coat for next year, now is the PERFECT time to look! With all the new merchandise coming in, the winters coats and jackets are being put on sale for unbelievable prices.
Here is a prime example of a great deal. I found this coat at Rue 21 for only $7!
The great sales is a good excuse to find a more unusual coat than you'd typically purchase.

So get out there, and sale hunt!
   A little history about the park this was shot in today! My mom hung out here a lot as a kid. It's known for it's great snow sledding hills. At the turn of the century this park had a beautiful old carousel. One of it's surviving horses is in a local museum.                  
Here's the horse!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I don't care for the winter sun.....

 Hello everyone! I hope everyone's having an awesome Friday!!! My post today is beach inspired! Even though it's way too cold for the beach I'll daydream about it anyways!
As you can see I'm not really at the beach. This is our youth room.
Style tip: Does your outfit look like it's missing something? Try a hat! It's an easy way to make an outfit complete. And don't think you can't pull off a hat. You probably just haven't found the right one for your face shape.
Adding bright sweater over all black makes your an outfit pop.
                                                                   Cool song!!!:)