Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello, it's me....

  Well if you're reading you know this is my first blog!!! At least on this one that is. I already have another blog, which again if you're reading this you've probably read my other blog, By Ivy Nor. While that blog is all about my writing at the moment I thought I would explore something a little different with this one, fashion. I hesitate to say fashion, mainly because I don't see myself as a fashion blogger, I guess the word intimates me. But truthfully fashion is a part of our everyday lives, and it's pretty extraordinary how a simple piece of clothing can be used by so many different kinds of people. Imagine where we would be without the invention of underwear. Scary thought, huh? I don't intend to invent something as life-changing as underwear though, I just want to share with people my inspirations and opinions just like I do with my writing. So let me get started!
Here I paired a strapless plaid summer dress with a white v-neck sweater and a brown belt with delicate cut-outs and my brown slouchy boots(which I LOVE! They're so comfortable, I wear them with everything. I got them at Target last year).
Here's the full-length shot. Sorry you can't see the boots completely. This outfit really makes me think of fall and sipping apple cider. Yum!

Oh goodie! You can see them in this one!
            I'll leave you with this song by Dan Fogelberg, one of my favorite artists, it's poignantly beautiful.

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