Sunday, January 8, 2012

On a Winter Sunday

   Well another week has come and gone, to my surprise. I usually start my week out thinking of all the things I need to,  and will, get to in the following days. Although when it's finally the end of the week I feel as though I didn't get much done. Even though I've accomplished all my tasks at hand. Maybe everyone feels that way. Any-who here's my look for the day!

First of all, aren't these pants cool? I got them at Rue 21 for $4. At first I didn't think they would look good, but it turns out I love them and they're very comfy. Moral of my story: clothes look different on the hanger than on you.

If you plan on wearing printed pants wear a solid top. Because if you have two patterns going on at once it tends to look clownish.

And also if you want elongate your neckline wear dangling earrings, the longer the better.

 I thought this fit the day well.


  1. Hehe cute outfit post! I love that decemberist song :) Cute blog you have here :) Happy Weekend!


  2. Thank you both for your comments:)Love hearing feedback!