Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forever posers.

Why hello there! I hope everyone's having a blessed Sunday! I had my Youth on Mission meeting today which went fabulously! We even got to have cake even though the birthday boy wasn't there(FYI, I made an awesome stand-in for him, voice and everything!). Anywho! We had a little extra time while we were waiting for some of the youths' rides so the rest of the youth that were there got to be in my new blog post!
As you can see we are all very experienced models! Not to mention we all have extraordinary taste;)
And of course we're always there to pick each other up!
Oh and a little back story on this dress! I had seen this dress a while ago in Macy's for $60, then I was in there the other day and what do you know, they had it for $7! Moral of the story: Wait! Because most likely they'll put it on sale and then you can tell everyone about the great sale you found!
I'm not really sure what this says about our youth group.....

Youth group's #1 modeling tip:Have a very together picture and then have one of your friends just walk around aimlessly.
We're very close:)
Thank you for reading! Sending vibes of love and peace your way:)

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